Coming into Contact with the Light of Being

Healing with the pure power of the spiritual Light

Light energy is divine energy. That comes from the Source within Creation.
Devine energy has a healing and balancing effect on people.
The light - light energy is the spiritual and healing power of Creation.
Healing power and elementary power.

The source of the light, the elementary Source, the seat of Divinity, corresponds to life
on all levels. The healing brought on by this spiritual light is taking place in awareness -
in the trueness of the soul, in accord with Creation.
Energy healing with the light is a way of becoming aware of spiritual healing power,
the development and unfolding of spiritual knowledge.
Physical reality often constitutes an expression of subtle reality. Creation orientates
on the physical, which is continuously connected with the subtle.
Physical and subtle add up to abundance.

The coaching, the treatment is taking place purely with the healing light - without any touching
of any kind. During the session the healing power of the light is activated as a result of my own
initiation and is available for the required treatment.
The healing light acts directly upon your personality - your troubles and sufferings.
In coachings and sessions beginners become introduced.

The light has a healing effect and releases blockades at psychic, emotional, mental, spiritual
and physical level.
The light treats the areas and issues of your personality needing to be healed or needing an
energy balancing at this point.
The light can also contribute to the relief of physical troubles and sufferings.
Energetic healing in the aura will show a clarifying, releasing, relaxing and freeing effect
on the person and his/her existence.

Healing with the pure power of the spiritual light

Spiritual healing takes place in the aura, in the aurasystem - in the subtle energy field
and so on in the emotional, mental, spiritual consciousness of the person.

The extent to which, at the beginning of the treatment, the light can work on the persons'
personality also depends on the energetic condition of the external areas of the aura.
The aura, the aura fields, can be blurry and obscured, clouded, harmed by the everyday
energies of the surroundings or could merge with foreign energies.

The purpose of energetic basic work is to clean and clear the external areas of the aura by
the spiritual light. The improvement of the general well-being depends on the extent of the
treatmentand on the condition of the aura.
By cleaning the aura, burdening issues can be clarified and made aware of, as a result, they
can be treated more easily and in greater detail.
Physical sensations, parts of the body where you feel energy, feelings and thoughts you have
could be the effect of the energetic healing and can change in the course of the treatment
as a result of the healing work.

As the power of light is subtle, is has an effect on the energetically subtle of the human being,
on the aura and the energy system. Disorders, damages and blockades of the energy centers,
energy bodies, energy pathways, of the Meridian system, in the layers of the aura of organs
and the organ energies are released, balanced and healed.
On principle, the light will work at energetic level, on the levels of existence, in the awareness
levels, that need healing.

In detail, the energetic areas will again be healed holistically by the light and their intactness
is restored. This will have a different regenerating effect on the various energy flows in the
energy field, in the energy system and in the personality. And thus on the equilibrium, as well
as on the harmony of the human being.

This effect can be sensed and perceived by a human being in the emotional, mental, spiritual
awareness and in his physical body.
Energetic healing with the healing power of light will bring about healing of the body, of the
mind, of the soul and contributes to the regeneration of the energy balance.
As a result of the energetic healing, you will be able to feel or have a closer look at your
actual "problems". Clarification is within yourself.

A Way to Relaxation, Inner Calm

In the course of an energetic spiritual healing, the pure spiritual light will release and
heal disorders, damages and blockades in the aura, restore the original condition of
energetically modified layers of the aura, remove foreign energies from the aura, retrieve
fragmented parts of the soul and treat them energetically, release patterns of behavior
at the energy level, create own energetic boundaries.
The healing power of the light will restore the intactness and isolation of subtle energetic
areas in the aura system that need to be treated - they are brought back into their
natural initial condition.
This will have a releasing, relaxing, calming effect on the body (various symptoms),
the mind, the emotions and the soul. The energy system is regenerated at the same time.

A self-healing process can be initiated within the nature of the person.
Feelings, thoughts, the perception, the awareness can become clearer and more accurate.
Aspects of the personality and current life issues can thus be rearranged and cleared.
Healings with the light can have an effect even on the deeper inner levels of a human being.
If healing takes place in our awareness and in the physical body - energetic healing
takes place in the subtle energy field of a person's aura.

Physical sensations - heat, coldness, tickling, dragging pain in parts of the body,
slight cough, painful parts of the body, weakness or tiredness, slight nausea - could occur
during the healing, can change and pass. Gurgling sounds in your abdomen and yawning
represent signs of release, of relaxation and of the healing.

Removal of Foreign Energy

Foreign energy in your aura can be unpleasant, confusing and change your personality.
Foreign energy can disturb your personal energetic equilibrium.
The light removes foreign energies from your aura field and thus from your body, as the
aura is intimately connected with and encloses the body. The removal can be exhausting,
too. Tiredness, unpleasant feelings, stress, heat or coldness at the time of the removal.
It'll all work out. Regeneration could take some time afterwards.


Memories are important in the context of healing work.
The re-experiencing of "memories" is important, as it allows for wounds or sore points
to open and for the balancing and healing effect of the light.

Allow for thoughts and feelings to arise.
Going through feelings and thoughts again is the first step towards healing.

Dropping of Patters and Conditioning

The dissolving of behavior patterns, emotional patterns, thought patterns and conditioning
will get the healing going -there is a reason behind patterns, conditioning, why they have
developed, they could be the result of privations.
If patterns and conditioning are dissolved by light, the person can become aware of the
feelings, thoughts, privations connected with it and release them. Concrete perception and
inner sincerity can allow for a deeper and more extensive healing.

Lack of Energy and Inner Conflicts - Energy of Others

The inner conflicts and the lack of energy of a person could be mixed, filled up, covered,
changed and suppressed by the energy of others. This could lead to the creation of blockades
in the flow of energy. In the course of the treatment, it is therefore necessary to remove
the foreign energies, which cover the own privations and have taken root, from the aura and
to balance them out. Then, the actual lack of energy, the inner conflict or the issue can then
be further treated.

Karma - Dissolution with the Light, Cause and Effect

Karma is the consequence of actions - this constitutes a part of one's fate.
Karma can hold up or even completely influence a development to the positive.
Some karma can be treated with the light and dissolved.

Chronic sufferings

Energetic healings follow a certain flow - which is important for the treatment -
every energetic healing may take its time.
In case of a chronic suffering, the willingness to change, the consciousness regarding
the problem to be dealt with, the concession to the inner truth can all be significant and healing.
The issues could be entangled and the healing work could therefore extend over a longer period
(e.g. 1-3 years) according to the "extent" of the issue.
(in the awareness of the soul = realizing and becoming aware in the truth of the soul)


Treatments can be carried out at various intervals.
A couple of sessions could prove sufficient to treat a current issue.

The treatment does not presuppose any knowledge with regard to aura.
It will be sufficient to work with feelings, thoughts and natural perceptions.
The treatments can also be carried out as remote healings, as the effect of the light directly
on your personality does not depend on the place and the distance.

Coaching, Sessions 50 min €130

Intensive Sessions and Anti Aging 1h €250 / 1,5h €350

Spiritual Healing follows a particular order that is given by the person.The order is significant
for the balance of the aura system and the personality and constitutes the healing process.

The order - the comparison with a stack of wood.
The pieces of wood on the top of a stack of wood are the easiest to remove.
If a person is loaded with ballast, it will be possible to treat only a certain part in the course
of each session. (The energetic basic work can, however, constitute a starting point of the healing.)
This would be difficult, if pieces of wood would simply be pulled out of the stack of wood.
Listening to what comes next (inside) or seeing it is important when it comes to the way light heals.
The person will gradually regain his/her equilibrium.

      About me

       I was born in Salzburg. I can look back on personal experience
       with spiritual moments since my early childhood.
       12-year employment as video-cutter with the Austrian ORF in Vienna.
       Since 2001 coaching, sessions with the spiritual light.
       Completion and launch of the website in 2007.

At times, I have consciously experienced the light of the Source already as a child.
About 25 years ago, the last 20 years were particularly intensive, my work with the light started
to develop more and more. I gained deep insights into the effects and healing power of light.

In the course of this period, I have dealt with the complex structure of the aura, the consciousness,
the energy system, the energy flows, of a human being in great detail. I learnd to be responsible.
My work with the spiritual healing power helps to clear and to dissolve emotional, mental patterns,
burdens and pains manifested in the mind, the subtle consciousness and the body.
I have al lot of experience with spiritual healing prozesses. A spiritual Prozess means, that all
healing and freeing steps are in the holistic order of human beeing. The interrelation of body,
spirit, soul and the spiritual power ist importent to come into a real healing step.

As an initiate of the Source of the light, I impart the healings of the light, of the elementary light.
As I am continuously connected with the light, the healing power of the light activates during the
session and carries out every healing possible at that certain moment in the trueness of the soul.
The sessions are taking place only with light, without any contact of any kind, the light will have
a direct effect on your personality. The power of the Source works in various ways.
The spiritual skills I have at my disposal adapt to the course of the healing.

The treatments can also be carried out as remote healings, as the effect of the light directly
on your personality does not depend on the place and the distance.
As far as remote healings are concerned, I would suggest to arrange for an appointment
to shortly meet each other (distance permitting).

The contact to the archangels and other angels developed and consolidated over a longer period
of time. I was able to perceive their presence and experience energetic healings, and gained insight
into their work. I consider the archangels to be true healers and always ready to help, even today.
The archangels will support any sincere wish for healing the best possible way.
and allow for a direct healing work with them.




Phone + 43 0676 750 22 12

Vienna: 1050 Wien Rainergasse 38 /406
Salzburg: 5301 Eugendorf Mühlenweg 16


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